Started by Matzon, August 17, 2005, 12:07:19

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As some of you have noticed, the wiki died because SourceForge made some radical changes to their webspace. This forced the premature death of the wiki.

Though it did mean the death of some articles, I view this as a way to start a new proper wiki. The old one was full of unmanaged articles and had no dedicated people to maintain it. Additionally the old wiki had a lot of issues navigation wise and was a mess.

I therefore propose to start a new wiki, with some proper up to date content, with some dedicated people to maintain it.

In order for this to work, we will need at least 2-3 dedicated people to help out by managing the wiki - and ofcourse lots of content writers. By dedicated, i dont mean put in a lot of hours, but simply that you are around for more than 1 month and then disappearing into the void.

Content wise, we need to be much more strict quality wise - this means rejecting stuff if need be. We want quality rather than quantity!!

I have been looking at two new wiki's:
MediaWiki - http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki

    + Most used wiki
    + Looks shit, but can be skinned
    - Technically more complex to setup
    - General purpose wiki

DokuWiki - http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki

    + Wiki made for documentation
    + Looks great, can be skinned
    + Easy to setup
    - Less users
I am leaning towards using DokuWiki, but I am largely undecided yet.

Please provide some input on this topic.

Orangy Tang

I'd be willing to lend a hand. I had a crack at using the old wiki but it was just too frustrating to use to add much to it (far too slow and flakey, and it never remembered my login details).


I have setup a wiki for internal testing - and I have gone with DokuWiki, it just seems so much better!! If you are interrested and comitted to helping out - please post a message to this thread.
Orangy Tang - I have added you as a user.


The Wiki is now open again.
Currently a small number of tutorials are available - and the only section that is editable by non-registered users is the faq.

If you want to help out - give me a shout


Well, that's a good news !

The new wiki is damn fast, very nice to look at, and there's already some interesting content. Having a better wiki will force users to use it ;)


Hi, guys
I don't quite know if this is the right place to post it but I guess this is kind of on topic.

So I downloaded the lwjgl library and I figured I'd take a look at the Wiki tutorials (which seem to be the only tuts available on lwjgl).
Then I tried out some of the sourcecode and realized it has typos.
I just checked http://lwjgl.org/wiki/doku.php/lwjgl/tutorials/display/basicdisplay this one out. It's got 2 time Dispaly instead of Display and once models instead of the previous defined modes.

I know the tutorial isn't necessarily for copy & paste purposes but I guess somebody should fix it nontheless.


fixed, and puzzled - I have some other wiki stuff to look at, so I might sift through it this weekend


sorry for spoiling your weekend for you.
Especially since I think the sources of the test are a good documentation for themselves because of the many comments.



I've noticed the wiki has a few tutorials but there isn't too much in terms of learning the basics. There is a link to the NeHe site which has some excellant tutorials but I've noticed there are no longer the lwjgl versions of the lessons.

I was going to offer to write some lessons equivilent to the ones up on the NeHe site but for lwjgl. Do you know if lwjgl are allowed to host NeHe equivilent lessons on thier website?

It would be nice put some more tutorials up on this website.


Added TGA texture loading.

For corrections or improvements let me know or edit yourself ;)

Next will be basic dds loading.


I know there were some tutorials posted in the forums. I ask the authors to repost the link or send me PM for adding their link into the wiki for easier access :)



@Matzon could we have the ability to add images to the wiki, allowing embedded external images should do. It would allow a number of LWJGL tutorials to be moved there once we have that feature.





Sweet thanks!  I too wanted this for the future...

For anyone that isn't familiar with MediaWiki, this is the URL:
cool story, bro