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Started by Evil-Devil, May 25, 2005, 16:02:38

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Hi everyone,
I've created a simple LWJGL tutorial.

Currently its only in german language available, but that will change in near future.

You can get the tutorial from my website. a&content=java_lwjgl

I would be glad to see any comments  



My german is a bit rusty, but I stumbled upon this:
QuoteAlle die sich nun fragen, ob dieses Fenster womöglich ein AWT/Swing Window/Frame ist, die können aufatmen. Es ist nativ erzeugt und nicht mit AWT/Swing nutzbar.
This isn't entirely true since we now have AWTGLCanvas.


Yes, but the general display is non awt ;) and i started with the tutorial as 0.96 was not released.

//edit:so  many views, but no comments?

Fool Running

Quote//edit:so many views, but no comments?
Well, being an american (i.e. I don't try to learn other peoples' languages, which I should  :oops: )  I can't read German  :cry:. But it looks good to me!  :wink:
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not working for me...

two exceptions: the first was initialise the openGL before the keyboard (easy to handle, but does that work with ur interpreter?), the second: Unknown Pixel Format...

anyone knows how to handle these exception?