Tutorial: Multitexturing using GLSL

Started by ste3e, November 26, 2010, 01:03:49

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There are  few working examples using GLSL and multitexturing on the net. Finally I figured it out.


If anyone can help, my ATI throws: "Validation warning! - Sampler value sampler02 has not been set in fragment shader
Validation successful." when I run the program, but all the catches written into the code pass, and the shader behaves as expected, including the use made of sampler02 in the fragment shader so it is obviously bound to the correct texture. I know ATI were having issues supporting GLSL...


ah nice, your shader tutorial series is shaping up really nicely.


ste3e: don't use that PNG decoder from source forge - it is an unmaintained ripoff. The real version is on the TWL website and it has got a few bug fixed since that SF ripoff was done.


Thanks Matthias... I was just after something light that worked. It seems strange that sourceforge would be supporting ripoffs.