How could I load 3D models in a a java application usig LWJGL?

Started by dylanjmartin, October 06, 2009, 13:09:12

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Hello there,

I have been struggling to load 3D models using LWJGL to create a small 3D game.  I  succesfully installed the library but I have no clue how to load the models.  I tried installing a graphics engine such as jME or Espresso but I can't get them to work.  One issue I faced was that, once compiled, the Java Monkey Engine was a freeform project and I didn't have the option of adding a library to it.  :'(  Does anyone know what would be the best approach in loading a 3D model and/or how to get LWJGL working together with a graphics engine?  ???

Any help would be appreciated,


For jME i suggest to take a look at their wiki and tutorials. Plain 3D model loading is done with third party or self written custom loading classes. Many 3D model formats have free and open documentation. IIRC jME allready provides loading facilities for the most common used 3D model formats. Therefor it should only be a matter of using jME ;)


If you are still listening, or if another trips over the post and has the same question, there is a tutorial posted on the wiki (can be accessed via the main page that exports models from Blender 2.5, parses the data in lwjgl and writes the models out using glDrawArrays.