Problems with tiff loading

Started by Charlie, March 07, 2006, 16:18:29

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I'm trying to load tiff files through Devil. Basically, it works, that means, the TIFF file is loaded, but the image is upside down. ATM, I'm just rotating the image after loading, but thought this might be a bug...or am I doing something wrong?


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What makes you think its upside down? If its because you put it on a polygon, then its probably because OpenGL uses (0, 0) as bottom, left, not top, left (meaning that it's not a bug, its just how OpenGL works :? )
If that's not why its upside down, then it might be a bug (or TIFF files are stored bottom to top instead of top to bottom :) )
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I'm also loading other files such as jpeg in the application and they are drawn correctly ;)
But maybe it's because of the TIFF images stored bottom to top, but shouldn't devil handle that automatically?


TIFF is a pretty odd and useless format. It also doesnt put anything new on the table.

Interesting formats (for games) are things like:
-raw 8:8:8:8, 8:8:8, 8:8, 5:6:5, 5:5:5, 5:5:5:1, 4:4:4:4 (TGA to some extend and DDS)
-lossy rgb/grayscale (JPG)
-indexed rgb (TGA/DDS)
-indexed rgba (DDS)
-precompressed dxt1-dxt5 [also lossy] (DDS)

(And there is also some normal map stuff, but I havent take a look yet.)

As long as you dont have a good reason to use TIFF, I wouldnt bother.