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Fastest/best JRE?

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Fastest/best JRE?
« on: February 19, 2006, 17:33:15 »
There are a lot of JREs out there now, ranging from the official 1.5 JRE from Sun to unofficial versions like the JRE from jRockit and also native compilers like JGC or Excelisior JET.

Anyone know what is the best choice as a game platform? Any benchmarking done to this respect?

Most benchmarks I have seen has been very server-oriented, and pretty useless from a gaming perspective.

I think these criterias are important:

- Speed!
- Constant framerate (means no garbage collection or other interference making the game studder dramatically at random intervals)
- Small download (we dont want a 30mb download to power our 1mb game!)


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Fastest/best JRE?
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2006, 20:05:01 »
I can only comment on the sun JREs. I've not tried the others. If you don't want to embed the jre you'll have to go with the client version as the server is not included in the standard jre download. Also the server got a longer warm up time with a more noticable compilation hickups. The 1.4 client is just as fast as the 1.5. The 1.6 client is as fast as the 1.5 server, without the warmup. Gave me a 10% speed boost over the 1.4 client.