Integration of FMOD Ex in next LWJGL Release?

Started by low_cm, August 04, 2005, 12:02:15

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FMOD Ex 4.00 has been released a few days ago. Is it planned to build an integration for next release of LWJGL Package?
Or is this a long term action?



no plans for it, no.
Several reasons:
1 - new api, probably lots of bugs
2 - no significant new stuff compared to 3.74 (IMO)
3 - the 3.74 binding isn't complete - no sense in doing a 4.0 binding before that.
4 - I'm busy, and no other dev has mentioned the immediate need for it.

If someone were to make a binding for 4.0 we would ofcourse be happy to include it (if the binding is proper (ie. not swig).


Matzon, I've been looking for a way to get into bindings between Java and C/CPP, can you recommend some resources to look at?  I'm aware of Swig, but I read somewhere guys aren't interested in getting Swigified apis.

My background is relatively strong in general Java (mostly web work), and an a relatively basic background in c/cpp (using visual studio or gcc for simple *nix stuff)


hmm, I basically just read JNI tutorial online, which basically breaks down to:

  • declare your method native
  • javah -jni <java class> the file to get a header
  • create the native implementation, using the header from javah
  • compile and link with jdk/includes jdk/includes/win32
if you need to access fields from java, you need to get the signatures via the javap -s <java class> command
The stuff that gets tricky is when you do loads of code in C, which you should avoid - as much as possible, bring it to the java side.

Additionally, be aware of callbacks from other threads in C, they don't have access to the VM, unless their specifically attached (you don't want to know how long that took me to figure out in the fmod port!!).