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Started by korsteve, February 08, 2005, 00:00:36

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Just wondering if you guys know any good online resources for patterns (the gof kind).  Expecially patterns implemented in java.  I never really paid much attention to them until I stumbled across java code for a singleton class.  It just opened my eyes to how useful and elegant these patterns can be and why programmers use them.  Instead of it taking years to discover and master these patterns on my own why not learn from others.

Also any pitfalls in java programming that really slow a program down.  The biggest speed increase to my programs came when I started reusing objects.  Don't add to the heap during play.
I'm curious what kind of tricks you guys use or methods you avoid.


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Yes, Eckel's Thinking in Patterns is pretty good. I'd also recommend Thinking in Java for general Java programming.


Thanks for the links.  The performance article has given me stuff to think about and about a year ago I downloaded Eckel's books and completely forgot about them.

Just thought I'd mention:  I went to the local bookstore and picked up Head First Design Patterns and so far I've really enjoyed reading it.  At first I thought it was a joke but I can't put it down and I'm actually learning.

On the topic of books for anyone new to java take a look at "Core Java2 fundamentals Volume 1, 7th edition" by Horstmann and Cornell.  It serves as an excellent introduction to the language and contains alot of the details other books are missing.


I'm currently working through Head First Java and it's pretty good.  I've got HF EJB and HF Design Patterns at home and they all seem pretty well worthwhile.  And cheap, from, too!  :)
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