Failed to fetch lwjgl customize download error

Started by PROMAN8625, February 04, 2022, 08:38:06

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i wanted o download lwjgl3 but its showing an error "Failed to fetch"
if i chose a little older it shows no such bucket
i am on operagx but i tried chrome and edge

heres the config
  "build": "nightly",
  "mode": "zip",
  "selectedAddons": [],
  "platform": [
  "descriptions": false,
  "compact": false,
  "hardcoded": false,
  "javadoc": true,
  "includeJSON": true,
  "source": true,
  "osgi": false,
  "language": "groovy",
  "contents": [


We've updated LWJGL's infrastructure and couldn't avoid some downtime. This should be fixed now.