Oculus SK2 and LWJGL 3

Started by Estraven, October 08, 2015, 12:18:25

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Hey guys,
I'm migrating to LWJGL 3.0 and so far I really like it. :)

I see there is an OVR library binding included, it's great, it means I don't have to update my own binding anymore. I stopped at libOVR v0.4 anyway...
However, I can't find any sample code on how to use it.

Is there any tutorial, sample code, or such?

Thanks !


Hey Estraven,

I guess the best sample you could have right now is WhiteHexagon's Rift experiments. It's up-to-date with the latest Oculus SDK (0.7), but I don't think it's currently compatible with the latest LWJGL 3 nightly build (has breaking changes related to structs).

The LWJGL 3 repo also has a simple demo, which doesn't do much since I don't own a Rift. :)


Great, I'll look into that. I have access to an SK2 at work, but only when my colleagues aren't using it.