[BUG] Input inconsistencies after fullscreen switch on Mac OS X

Started by butaca, June 21, 2011, 22:12:28

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Hi guys,

I'm sorry, but I have to post bugs if I find them... Please, don't hate me...

1) If you press a key and keep it pressed, toggle fullscreen, Keyboard.isDown(key) return false after the switch.
2) If you release a key during the switch, (it isn't an edge case, you can toggle fullscreen with the first press of a key for example), the release event is lost.
3) The same thing happens with the mouse and its buttons.

Maybe I could try to find a solution, but I would need some guidance:

Is there any documentation on LWJGL implementation?
Is it possible to debug native code?



This doesn't really seem like a bug to me.  Why would your user hold the down key down while also pressing the key to toggle fullscreen?  Usually you switch to fullscreen/windowed in a menu and not while playing the game...or do I misunderstand?
cool story, bro


No hate, but we do prefer testcases and very much patch files that solve the problems so we can just apply those :)
It's also a great way to get to know the codebase, and perhaps in the future train new LWJGL recruits :)

There is no documentation, but the implementation is fairly straightforward for the most part.
I have yet to attach a debugger to the native code, and usually rely on adding printf("") statements throughout.


Hi guys,

Thanks for your time again.

@jediTofu: In my opinion, you can't rely on an user action to justify a bug. In the situations I described, the methods are returning wrong values. This is a bug in *any* scenario. This kind of details make a difference between a professional game and an amateur one.

@Matzon: Fair enough.