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Freeze at LWJGL startup

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Freeze at LWJGL startup
« on: September 25, 2009, 14:50:23 »

I'm using a nVidia CG GTX 295, and since drivers 186.xx i've been experiencing some freezing effect (freezing the JVM) when LWJGL starts.
I've tracked down the origin in the LWJGL 2.1.0 source code :

The freeze occurs in the native method : 

called by    GLContext.loadOpenGLLibrary();
called by    Context() constructor
called by    AWTGLCanvas.paint();

no Exception seems to be raised... the native library seems to never end.

About 1 initialization out of 2 freezes, but when it does start, everything else runs well...

Any idea ? I tried to downgrade my CG drivers back to the 185.xx release, it stops freezing....

Can nVidia drivers/OGL implementation can generate this effect ?

What solution do I have ?