Building Linux Packages with Java/Ant

Started by broumbroum, August 12, 2009, 13:27:36

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Hi all !
Aside pure java coding of my project(s) I'm having some time on the Linux release and package distribution. since I've updated my build.xml's with an install target, I wish to have it packaged in some RPM or DEB. This is the first time for me on distributing to Linux repositories, and I'm not very experienced in the Build Service.
Does anyone know some good links to building and writing .spec files running the Ant build tool ?
E.g. installing Sf3JSwing The Game is done like this, from shell in the Ant project source folder :
shell$:> su
shell$:> ant clean
shell$:> ant pre-install
shell$:> ant install

4 little lines !! :D Then I can't get this ok with a .spec file... That installs into /usr/share/games/sf3jswing-thegame-ant and the bin is in /usr/share/games .