AEon Engine (2D)

Started by Aivi, June 21, 2009, 17:50:01

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Hi, i'm developping my engine for one year in my free time so i want to present you.

My web pages are in czech language so you can use google translator. You can find there my engine ,my demo presentation in this engine and tutorial for use and settings. Its very easy for use .
Web pages are on, javadoc is here

Engine can:

  • drawing primitive graphic objects (pixel, line, triangle, rectangle, circle, disc, star)
  • camera (rotating scene, zoom, center on object or point in scene)
  • collision detect - (AABB, Sphere, LineDetection and you can create own detection)
  • animations - from picture with frames or gif
  • display lists
  • special buffers (vertex, color and texture coord)
  • texture font and drawing text (you can edit this text, setting color)
  • texturing all graphic objects and drawing images
and more, you can try it.

Thanks, Aivi