Tile Scaling

Started by kstenerud, December 24, 2005, 21:14:32

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I'm in the process of writing an emulator in Java.

The emulated game only allows 16x16 sprites, and so it places a bunch of sprite tiles next to each other on the screen to build bigger "sprites".
Currently I have my viewport set so that it will scale the viewed area 2x.
Unfortunately, when I do this, adjacent tiles no longer blend into each other nicely (because the texture resize operation in GL doesn't take into account the adjacent tiles).  It's especially noticeable when the sprites are animated.

I'm not 100% sure how do deal with this issue.  One idea would be to render the scene once with no scaling, and then take the rendered scene and put it back into GL as a texture to be scaled.
Would this solution be optimal?  Or is there some way to make OpenGL take into account the surrounding tile textures and not give these ugly edges around the tiles?