Central repository for code snippets?

Started by elias4444, December 08, 2005, 20:30:41

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I was noticing that these forums contain a LOT of VERY useful code snippets that other programmers could easily utilize. Is there someplace where we could put those things so that they're a more easily referenced?


The Wiki might be a good place for the code snippets. We just need a nice navigation first ;)

BTW: How to edit something in the wiki? Some times as I wanna add something, I hadn't known how to :(



I can give you access to the wiki if you want to - but I dont want it to grow into something unmaintained useless stuff, which is why you need to request access.


I will think about it. First I have to look again to what I can contribute something.
Another one that annoys me a little bit is the advertiser. I like those google ones, but can we change it to a top bottom one? I will give a layout to my idea and thinking next week when I'm online again.