How many polygons are too many polygons?

Started by elias4444, September 25, 2006, 15:42:35

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As of right now, September 2006, how many polygons are too many polygons? I'm trying to find the right limit of how many to draw per frame in order to get a solid framerate (60fps or vsync'd). At any given time, I could have upwards of about 25 to 30 models onscreen - what would be a good limit to each mode's polygon count?


Hmm, not easy to answer, since it depends on the target computer's hardware... You should enable models with configurable polygon resolution (ie low, high & very high) to fit every requirement !

But I know, it brings a second question : how many polygons for each mode ? and since I haven't coded enough 3D programs, I can't answer you  :cry:
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