Started by RobF, May 24, 2005, 14:12:37

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I've been working on a project lately with LWJGL and it's awesome. I'd like to contribute to the project. I figure that this is an awesome thing but the lack of documentation is scaring people off. I'd like to help with that! So, here we go.

I think that we (the waves of new LWJGL fans) could really benefit from a solid FAQ and a set of some tutorials. The questions on the existing one are fine, but I have more! I don't know the answers to the following questions, but I'd expect you guys might. I'll work on a couple of these and if you guys could scrutinize it, we'll have us a FAQ!

1) What's the best way to distribute my software?
-A tutorial about building a Java webstart package with the LWJGL stuff
-Tutorial about making an installer for each supported platform

2) Minimum requirements for end users?
-We can just lift this right from the Wiki, and reword it so it doesn't take a shot at Mac users :)

3) Pronouncing LWJGL
-Again, lifted from the Wiki

4) Loading Models
-Code snippet of how to use those model classes in the utils
-Someday (hopefully soon!) a description of the XMLLoader's format
-Links to whatever exporters needed to make those XML formatted models

I know there are more questions, what have you got? Remember that sometimes we can subtly boast a feature by having a FAQ about it.