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Started by tenshi, June 06, 2005, 07:31:38

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Anybody know the name of the track for the Phero mp3 file in the /res directory, and where I can get the complete version.



I'll get right on it - it's from a friend of mine, and I have a lot from phero, but for some unknown reason I can't locate the song that it was taken from :D


Thanks Matzon!

I recall getting Phero from a few years back...but not the track you have included in LWJGL. The 30 sec teaser you included just make me wanna have it  :lol:


I talked to him yesterday (one of the two guys behind Phero), and apparently it's just something he threw together, and is unfinished in everyway. He did however not mind if I let you get a copy, as long as you understand it's not representative of the usual quality of Phero. I am still waiting for his link though...