Can someone help out a total idiot? Please?

Started by argh, March 01, 2005, 14:08:10

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Hi, I'm a complete newbie to Java, and I need a bit of a friendly shove to get me started, if someone could be so kind.  

I've tried to find a tutorial, or sample piece of code for what I am trying to do, but I'm either too blind, or too stupid to find what I'm after.

All I want is a bit of code to draw my game map as an isometric grid (hell, right now, I'd just settle for a straight 2D chessboard!).  I've got a 2D array, and I want to be able to map it to a window, and allow scrollbars.

Does anyone know of some source code for this, or a tutorial?

You'd be helping an idiot to begin to figure out where his feet are.  Thanks a bundle!