Congratulations to the Tribal Trouble developers!!!

Started by elias4444, April 01, 2005, 18:04:46

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Just wanted to pass along a heart-felt congratulations to you guys! I saw that your game officially released yesterday. Must feel pretty good huh?

You know of course, I'm going to have TONS of questions now.  :D

Things like... (the first of many, I'm sure)
How did you get the JRE compressed so small into your installer file?

How does it feel to finally release a game you've been working on for so long?

What kind of polygon count do your sprites have? (The graphics look fantastic... I love your style)

Even if you don't answer... CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so jealous!  8)


yes good work indeed.  I have been wondering how far this could go.  After much experimentation and seeing this demo I think it could go all the way.

(and that is not an april fools joke ;) )


I've tested the demo for about 2 or 3 hours yesterday, it was so addicting... I plan to buy the game when I'll get some money !

I have to test the multiplayer part to see how it runs...



Congratulations! I'm a clever java programmer, but i'm still a student (maybe 8 moths to the completitons of my study and then i'll be an happy Informatic Engineer!). Your work was so beautiful when i saw the screenshots that i decided to study lwjgl! I downloaded all the docs about terrain generation on your site (i want to thank you a lot because they are really clear and interesting) and the demo but my computer has a very old graphics card (matrox G200) that doesn't support your game so i still can't play it. But at soon i'll buy a new card and so i'll be also an happy player of Tribal Trouble! So i've only this to say: Thank and Congratulations!! I hope your game have a great success!!