GCC again

Started by Hobbes, January 09, 2005, 15:13:20

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Hi everyone,

Some time ago there were a few threads (one started by me) concerning native builds with LWJGL using GCC. So far this has not worked, due to some quirks with JNDI... I think.

Anyway, now someone has gotten SWT OpenGL to compile on Win32:

What does this mean? I haven't used SWT or SWT OpenGL myself, but if this makes it possible to create native builds with free software, of Java programs with OpenGL, it is definitively interesting.

Any thoughts or opinions? Anyone know if anything happened with GCC and LWJGL?

Also, does anyone know how much work it would be to port a program from SWT OpenGL to LWJGL? Or another binding?

I'm hoping it would not be so much work, and thus the choice of OpenGL binding wouldn't be so critical...

Cheers, Hobbes