OFFTOPIC: but bounced my email

Started by Skippy000, January 24, 2005, 09:25:26

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QuoteDear LWJGL dev-team,

I'm terribly sorry I have to bother you at this 'official' email-address
about something about the forum.

It seems that I registered ages ago, and totally forgot about it. Now I try
to login and can't, because the account is not 'activated' yet. The "I
forgot my password" doesn't work if you didn't activated it, argh.

The nickname is: Skippy
The email-address is:

There are 0 posts (ofcourse, as it's not activated) made with this account
and I'm quite sure it belongs to me. I think the easiest way to solve this
is to either: you ultra-leet-devs wasting your intelligence by removing that
account from the forums so I can create it again, or me making a brandnew

I'd like to hear from you! :o)

- Skippy



Thanks for the effort, but nothing has changed for me:

QuoteSorry, but that e-mail address is already registered to a user.
Sorry, but this username has already been taken.

I tried to:
- login
- register
- 'forgot your password'

All failed.


err - I was thinking the email :)
I have send you a new password - please activate and change pwd


Thanks, but that 'activation' part kinda hard without an activation-link.

Thanks for your effort, I don't want to bother you with this stuff and will just create another account. (and create a new email-adress somewhere because it doesn't allow me to use the same...)

Deleting the 'Skippy'-account was the easy way, this is the ultra-hard way :)