Camera with gluLookAt vs translates

Started by Soulice, October 13, 2004, 17:34:41

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Found this in Redbook (v1 I think)
Quote"Note that instead of moving the camera (with a viewing transformation) so that the cube could be
viewed, you could have moved the cube away from the camera (with a modeling transformation). This
duality in the nature of viewing and modeling transformations is why you need to think about the effect
of both types of transformations simultaneously. It doesn't make sense to try to separate the effects, but
sometimes it's easier to think about them one way rather than the other. This is also why modeling and
viewing transformations are combined into the modelview matrix before the transformations are applied."

If I understand the process here, use gluLookAt to move the "camera" around, its orientation and where it is looking.  Use translate on objects inthe scene to move them around.