Looking for volunteers to test my game engine

Started by Martijn, June 21, 2022, 14:31:40

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Hi, I am looking for volunteers to test my game engine. My engine currently does not use audio!
Because I am using Linux I want to know if it runs on Windows and Mac.
I really appreciate the feedback. Does it run? Does it crash? Any graphical bugs?

I have uploaded the files on EasyUpload.io. (~180mb)

My engine currently requires:
Java version: JavaSE-9
LWJGL version: 3.3.1
OpenGL version: 3.2

On my system it runs perfectly smoothly without any glitches.
CPU: i7-4820k
Ram: 16gb
GPU: Geforce GTX 960 2gb
OS: Linux Manjaro

Please note that when executing the jar file, and the jTitan game engine window pops up, it can take a while for the scenery to load. On my system about ten minutes. Give it some time.
The assets folder must be in the same folder as jTitan.jar. I am still working on a java swing dialogue so an user can select the folder and adjust graphical settings, but given that glfw and swing don't work well together, I haven't found a solution yet.
All files in the assets folder are available to the public on the internet and can be found by google and turbosquid (obj models). My shader files are based on internet tutorials and you are free to use them, but I still have a lot to learn, so consider them work in progress.

For linux i use this command to start the jar:
java -jar jTitan.jar

WASD - move the pointer/player
Space - Jump
Escape - Quit