Started by elias, June 14, 2003, 10:05:05

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I imagine JeffK's mentioned it by now... besides I've got to discuss a few things with ChrisM. about JVM licensing. I must get rid of Jet out of the equation eventually because it's a bit of a pain with it only running on Windows.

Cas, this is the second post I've seen where you hint at this.  Are you looking to make special license for Alien Flux, or are you looking at doing something for LWJGL at large?  I'm dead curious about how this pans out, either way.  I'd like nothing more than to see a minimial JVM like you describe.



LWJGL at large I think. We all want to enable a dead easy and small java platform for our games to run on.

- elias


Sweet.  It makes sense to me, as then Sun won't have a million developers like me banging on their door for similar deals.  I really hope they bite.  


Orangy Tang

Quote from: "ckline"For function call arguments, JOGL can use arrays OR Buffers, or even allow both.

Aah.. I first checked out some of the code when Jogl was first made avalible, and it was the presense of several methods where a regular array was used caused me to think (especially after hunting in vain for what is now known as a non-existing class, namely GL) that regular java arrays were the only way. Being able to use buffers as well is a big releif. :)

QuoteI think a lot of this misconceptions will go away if we could get some JavaDocs online.

Well call me picky, but its not really that had to generate javadocs and place them on a sever now, is it? Although I did see mention that the Mind2Machine people have now made some javadocs avalible..


I'm going to get my foot in the door with AF first - more chance of succeeding this way. Then I can develop the technology to deliver an actual product - and after an actual product is developed it's much easier to show somebody a working thing than a vacuous concept ("hey let's shrink the jvm etc etc" vs "Here is a game that has been delivered using the new Game JVM system")

Cas :)


Quote from: "Fuseboy2"The Cg runtime interface would be handy, since it would make parameter binding a easier.  Currently my ant script just compiles my Cg programs to the OpenGL vertex/fragment profiles, and I load the results in.  It does mean, however, that I have to manually relate the parameter indices.

Do you have an example of this you might want to post. Haven't seen doing this with ant before.



There's no special ant task for this, I'm just using the Cg SDK compiler, accessed via the command-line interface. You'll need to modify the paths to suit, of course.

<target name="cg">
		<mkdir dir="${distribution}/data/arb"/>

		<antcall target="compileCgProgram">
			<param name="cg.type" value="v"/>
			<param name="cg.name" value="vertexTest"/>
		<antcall target="compileCgProgram">
			<param name="cg.type" value="v"/>
			<param name="cg.name" value="basicLightingVertex"/>

	<target name="compileCgProgram">
		<exec executable="cgc" dir="data/cg">
			<arg line="-profile arb${cg.type}p1 -o ..\..\${distribution}\data\arb\${cg.name}.arb ${cg.name}.cg"/>