OpenVR & OpenGLES, VRCompositor.VRCompositor_Submit fails with error 105

Started by hdonk, March 17, 2020, 11:06:58

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   I've been working on using OpenGLES 3with OpenVR and LWJGL3 (3.2.3), but when I issue the submit to the compositor, I'm getting error 105 (VRCompositorError_TextureUsesUnsupportedFormat).

   I've just ported the code to OpenGL 4, and the submission works fine.

   It's hard at this point to say whether this is an LWJGL3, SteamVR or NVIDIA driver problem! I've reported it in the SteamVR developers forum but am getting nothing from there.

   The code is here: . The OpenGL version is in the OpenGL branch

   Any suggestion on how to proceed with debugging the OpenGLES version?



I've moved from using ANGLE to using Mali's emulator, so moved from using DirectX to using OpenGL as the underlying renderer. From this I suspect that there's an issue with textures generated from lwjgl's GLES code, but I can't prove it. About the only way of doing that would be to write a test app in C & GLES and to straight to OpenVR from there. I might try and get around to doing that test sometime. :)
So in the meantime, I'll keep doing my development in OpenGL, but try to limit myself to ES functionality.