Let's learn together and make a Anime-Style 2D RPG!

Started by j9263178, March 28, 2020, 11:38:27

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Hello, if it's okay to do it here, I post this for looking for people who:

-Want to be involved in a 2D RPG game developing from scratch.
-Know that you can create a game by Unity, RPG maker etc. more easily, but still want to write it yourself in JAVA.
-Search for a team to work and learn together!
-Have some interesting, bizarre ideas or stories and want to make those a game.
-Watch Anime, or like to play Anime-influenced game!

I'm actually new to lwjgl or OpenGL , definitely not a pro,
but I have implemented some basic things for a game so far,
and now I want to find some fellows to work with,
if you are interested, contact me through this email : j9263178@gmail.com
we can discuss our vision about making game in detail,
then decide whether we can work together!