Loading optimized image in GLFW causes JVM crash [RESOLVED]

Started by Moocow9m, September 25, 2019, 19:48:52

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Attached you will find the java crash and optimized image.
Repository containing a test that causes the the crash(commented out): https://github.com/Moocow9m/Viken.git
Test File: https://github.com/Moocow9m/Viken/blob/master/src/test/kotlin/com/wavproductions/viken/Test.kt
Exact code that crashes: Viken.kt:247
            glfwSetWindowIcon(window.id, icon)

Any reasons explaining why the image causes this and possible fixes are appreciated!

Note: the second image in the repo(original) works fine. And Image was optimized using https://tinypng.com/


This is now fixed, forced comp to be 4 and now it works