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Started by ealrann, August 02, 2018, 21:08:42

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Just a little post to present my project : VSand.

Released on

Source on Github :

I needed a project to play with compute shaders, so that kind of particle game was perfect. It is free and opensource, under GPL-3.0 license.
The game could be improved a lot with new stuff, but I will probably stop the development after the release of the v1.0 (soon), to focus on some other projects.

This "game" (or particle simulation), has two purposes:
- Pleasure the people that liked the original game (like me  ;D), and want to test their computer with parallel computing  :). (There is a benchmark mode in the folder "benchmark")
- Help the newcomers that want to use compute shaders with LWJGL, with a real demo project.

The UI use the imgui port:
Thank you to Giuseppe Barbieri for that.

Edit 17/01/2019: I change to Nuklear for the UI, to unlock JLink.
Now the build embed directly a tiny JVM, and no longer require to setup anything (except graphic drivers of course).

Thank you to the LWJGL team for the amazing job!

If you find any issue, please report it on Github.


New version with notable changes:
- Using now Nuklear for UI (with the LWJGL binding)
- Java is no longer required for the user, I build with JLink.