The VkDeviceQueueCreateInfo structure doesn't the queueCount(int value) method

Started by Konstantin Filippov, November 29, 2018, 09:46:54

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Konstantin Filippov

In description of VkDeviceQueueCreateInfo structure in native Vulkan has the field queueCount that setting the count of queues in queue family created for that device, but in LWJGL realization analogical method seemly absent (only queueCount() without parameters that get field value not set). How I can request multiple queues of queues family without it.


The queueCount is obtained from the remaining buffer elements when setting pQueuePriorities. Since the number of queue priorities must always be equal to the queueCount, both are automatically linked together and you don't need to specify the queueCount explicitly.
See the implementation of LWJGL3's VkDeviceQueueCreateInfo struct class here: