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Problem with scaling of textures in 2d

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Problem with scaling of textures in 2d
« on: September 15, 2018, 07:41:37 »
Hello everyone
I wanted to start programming a 2d game, that is tile-based. The tiles are arranged in tile-sets (png-files). I seperate them in code, which seems to work just fine. but to look it more retro, i wanted to upscale the tiles from 16x16 to 32x32 at runtime.
I managed to scale them up, but there is some strange bright line between the tiles, but only horizontally. The line is not one-colore, it looks to me that this is some kind of interpolation issue at the edges.
Can you explain this, and if my guess is right, can I change the way, pictures are scaled?

Thank you very much in advance.