SPIR-V tools ?

Started by HaDriel, August 10, 2018, 08:07:31

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Hello !

I've been trying Vulkan lately, and one thing i found maybe missing was the lack of SPIR-V compilation tools. I Googled a bit but I didn't find anything really convincing out in the wild...

First, if i'm right, SPIR-V tools are not dependent of the Vulkan SDK. Google is developping shaderc, a project containing a lib and some binaries to compile GLSL and HLSL shaders into SPIR-V. I also found a cool github project spirvcrossj something like that, but i'm suprised that LWJGL3 does'nt sound like having anything related to SPIR-V (note that I didn't check the LWJGL documentation, and a RTFM would be understandable if there is one actually).
In case of real lack of SPIR-V compiler in code, what are the reasons of such decision ?

Thanks for your time.


See the Bindings project on Github. SPIR-V/glslang/shaderc bindings are high priority and will be added in the near future.


Hell yeah ! ! ! You're always on the point :D.
Since I can't integrate them right now i'll continue developping the Shader framework without any runtime Shader compilation. Great to see this and sorry for not checking here.


Dynamic GLSL compilation and SPIRV code generation is very important for LWJGL, in my opinion.

We need the ability to provide a text string, compile it to .spv and load shader code, all dynamically.