Problems with sounds until LWJGL 3 and I need help (Snapshot 17w43b)

Started by josephgomes, July 15, 2018, 12:46:52

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I have a problem with stereo sound since 17w43b snapshot (1.13). I have report this bug in bugtracker here : (Works As Intended)

And there are unclear explanations in the comments about OpenAL but I don't understand, I tried the little stuff that I understood but nothing works... unless I did wrong, it's so unclear.

To explain, the sound direction is strange. It is practically mono when a noise is heard perfectly at left or right.

For exemple a sound from TNT Explosion heard at left :

Seen like that it can seem light, but it's very horrible and disturbing in real.

I find absolutely nothing in internet, or even someone else to talk about this problem from new LWJGL 3. So if someone had this problem and settled it would be nice to manifest! (Help me please).

Sorry for my bad english