RGB Tint/Texture Mask

Started by megapunchself, August 03, 2018, 12:45:05

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some games and engines are using rgb/rgby tint/texture mask to create a "customize" system for players change character's colors and after be storaged in a server or game data

i just realized that the albedo is gray, the models got normal map, spec, emission n metalic/metalness texture

unreal and unity got tutorial in docs and wikis, a game example of use this is warframe (evolution engine, peoples are saying dat is c++)

is it just a shader with script to modify the shader/material? its works with lwjgl? how can i work with this on lwjgl?

i don't know if i can post links but, here is the example and a tutorial video "how it works on the evolution engine (warframe)", i suppose use 2 textures for it? the rgb texture and a alpha texture (last video minutes)?:



-so the color changer will change each rgby color