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Problem with lwjgl2.9.3 with texture why does it not show with current width and

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Hello everyone,

I have tried with lwjgl with texture = slick-utils3 for lwjgl 3.x and stb image works fine.

And joml looks ugly because matrix4 can't show up if I want Entity.java with position, rotation and scale. It looks like crazy.
And I cancelled this latest version because it is really shit cause Matrix4 is buggy and it can't show for me if triangle looks invisibly.

Now I conitune my work with lwjgl 2.9.3 and slick-util for lwjgl 2.9.3

It always look crazy why it looks like bad with width and height?

How do I fix with stupid width and stupid height?

I really fight my solution.

Thank you for answer!

I am sorry for my bad English.