[RFE] - JNINativeInterface.java causes JavaDoc warnings

Started by NerdOfEpic, January 14, 2018, 16:27:20

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This is an RFE.

In the lwjgl-sources.jar, the file org\lwjgl\system\jni\JNINativeInterface.java (which is derived off of JNINativeInterface.kt) causes several JavaDoc warnings.  10 separate places in the file have oddly quoted zeros that break the default character encoding and cause JavaDoc generation warnings for projects that use LWJGL3.

The link to the file on GitHub is:

The quoted zero is quoted as ââ,¬Å"0ââ,¬Â instead of "0".  This is likely a decision that was made to dodge nested quote problems in the original .kt file template.  It is probably easily fixable with either single quotes or escaped normal double quotes.

Thanks for your consideration of this RFE.  My project produced clean JavaDocs prior to upgrading to LWJGL 3.1.5 and these warnings made me sad.   :'(


LWJGL sources are UTF-8 encoded. I don't see a problem locally, on github, or the generated javadoc.

What tool is producing these javadoc warnings? It's not a problem to change the curly quotes (they are there because the original documentation has them like that), I'm just curious to know why you're getting warnings for the source of a library your project is using.