New to game development, kinda need help .-.

Started by Rayhanga, July 03, 2017, 16:01:57

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Hi, i just joined the forum recently, and i'm kinda confused where to start if i want to develop a 2d game .-.

I do understand how Java works, but i'm really new into the "game's workflow"

So, i kinda need some references about how game's lifespan work and so

Anyway, sorry for the bad english, and nice too meet you all

(Sorry if i put this post on the wrong category, please tell me if i did .-.)


This is kind of a broad subject. I doubt anybody can give you a satisfactory answer within a single forum post. It also highly depends on what exactly you want to do. If you build a Tic-tac-toe you will need something different from when you are building an MMORPG.

There are however numerous online tutorials, blog posts and similar sources which should be more than enough to teach you the basics.
If you have any specific questions though I am sure you can get help around here.


Okay, i understand
I'll comeback when i got more specific question

And, thanks for the reply :)