Any LWJGL3 game examples?

Started by Lightbuffer, May 27, 2017, 11:49:13

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Hello there!

LWJGL3 tutorials are cool and quite educational, but it's very difficult to apply them on practice. I have a quite hard time grasping those concepts and putting them together, since there's a lot of stuff going on. Meanwhile a video game written in LWJGL3 with source code and ability to tweak and compile will help to advance and see how these techniques and stuff is applied.

Are there any simple (2d or 3d) video games which are written in LWJGL3 and are open-sourced?

Thanks for attention! :)


Maybe have a look at LibGDX or JMonkeyEngine. These are game engines which use LWJGL3 (among other libraries) and are open source. Going through their source code might help you understand how all the OpenGL features work.