Asimp does not see textures

Started by wartemw, May 14, 2017, 11:03:52

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Asimp does not see textures.
Model from blender.


AIScene scene = Assimp.aiImportFile("C:\\Users\\warte\\Desktop\\test.blend", 0);
System.out.println("Mesh number:" + scene.mNumMeshes());
System.out.println("Material number:" + scene.mNumMaterials());
System.out.println("texture number:" + scene.mNumTextures());


Mesh number:2
Material number:2
texture number::0

what to do?


From the aiScene documentation:

QuotemTextures ââ,¬â€œ The array of embedded textures. Not many file formats embed their textures into the file. An example is Quake's MDL format (which is also used by some GameStudio versions)

Look into mMaterials, the textures should be described there.