Lwjgl / Mac, and Minecraft: Remote trackpads no longer work

Started by keybounce, March 22, 2017, 22:31:29

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This shows up in Minecraft, on the mac.

With a dead internal trackpad, I'm using a trackpad app on my kindle fire with a server on my mac. This works for most programs.

It fails to register anything while playing Minecraft, until I bring up any gui -- the menu before starting the game, the <Esc> pause menu, a crafting table, etc -- at that point, the tablet trackpad moves the OS mouse pointer just fine. But as soon as I go into the game, I cannot move my camera by using the trackpad.

The odd thing? I was pretty certain that I was able to do exactly this a couple of weeks ago. I know that Minecraft on the mac uses the latest builds of lwjgl; did something change recently, or am I mistaken, and this has never worked?

(To help track this down, perhaps: It works with portal 1; it fails with portal 2 and world of tanks:blitz.)

Program: Remote Mouse 2.806.