How to setup latest version of LWJGL in Eclipse IDE?

Started by Qwesper, December 18, 2016, 21:01:58

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A year ago, I understood how to setup LWJGL in a project in Eclipse IDE. Now LWJGL has a lot of changes and another file structure. I downloaded the latest release, LWJGL 3.1.0 build 40. From the official site.

There's also a page explaining how to get started. But it does not help me to setup it in Eclipse. When I extract the downloaded zip file, I only get jar files (and txt licences). I see nowadays there are no dll natives for a specific operating system.

In stead of that, I see jars like lwjgl-glfw-natives-windows.jar. I expect this are now the files that were previously used as the dll's.

Can someone explain me how to set it all up correctly?


You are right about the natives jar files replacing the dll's. LWJGL 3 has a mechanism to automatically extract the correct dlls (or other natives on other OSes) form the jar files. I have no experience with using eclipse, but you might find this guide helpful.  If this works for you, could you please tell me, so I can add it to the wiki.


The recently updated LWJGL 3 wiki contains an installation guide. Specific instructions for Eclipse are not available (contributions welcome), but the information is generic enough to be applicable to any IDE.


The LWJGL 3 Wiki now contains a step-by-step description of how to add LWJGL 3 to an/every Eclipse project using Eclipse User Libraries:


Okay thanks! I've set it up all successfully.
But I'm missing the lwjgl util library for classes like Vector3f etc.
How can I also get this working?


The old LWJGL math classes are no longer maintained or part of LWJGL3, have a read of this blog post.

JOML is also available as an addon option on the LWJGL Download page.


Also have a look at this JOML Wiki entry for migrating from LWJGL 2's util vector package to JOML.