Window size limits stopped working in 3.1.0

Started by cypherdare, November 05, 2016, 02:00:55

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I'm using LWJGL through the LibGDX framework, which just merged in 3.1.0 today. This update causes GLFW.glfwSetWindowSizeLimits() to do nothing to limit the window size on Windows 10 for me. It works fine if I roll back to the LibGDX version with LWJGL 3.0.

Can anyone else confirm this issue in base LWJGL? I'm trying to trace the bug back to its source. It's probably something recently changed in GLFW, but I want to be sure before I try to dive into that, as I'm not well-experienced with C code. I don't want to open a GLFW bug without being sure it didn't occur downstream from GLFW.



Im running LWJGL 3.1.0, and the function works for me (Running linux, gnome). Interestingly, when snapping the window to the top of the screen it does not work.


Seems to be working fine for me (on Windows 10).


Thanks for checking! Helpful to know it's either a downstream issue in LibGDX, my own code, or something peculiar about my installation.