i can't understand what is the purpose of these code

Started by abdrnasr, September 30, 2016, 18:33:08

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in the documentation some opengl methods and fields there are no info to tell what it does how can i know what these codes means
as an example :
class GL11 most of the methods do not have info


What do you mean? Every method in the OpenGL classes has attached JavaDocs. You of course need to have the JavaDocs/sources attached to the LWJGL jars.


i was looking in the docs for example in GL11
there is a function called

that is what is written only in the docs:

public static void glTexCoordPointer(int size,
                     int type,
                     int stride,
                     long pointer_buffer_offset)

i didnt get its meaning


This is not that method's JavaDoc. It's its signature. You have to download the sources/JavaDocs to have JavaDocs.
Besides that: If you want to know a function's meaning and semantics in detail, you can just google it and will usually be directed to www.opengl.org.