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Started by UkrainianLady, August 13, 2004, 02:54:31

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Hello from Ukraine:)

My best girlfriend has got acquainted in the Internet with her guy.
She fall in love with him and adore one.
And now she go mad for her boyfriend. She tell me, that he too.
There are they meet in a real life. Well! They die without each
other! Wait! How is that?

It look like to an intricate plot from film.

I want to meet and find the love too.

And so has added my profile in the catalog *fecked if you're getting a link from my site babe* my
profile is 4049. May be I will be fortunate to find my love here.



lol - SPAM!
This reminds me of the LWJGL wiki - someone had entered 10+ links to russian women sites in the WIKI sandbox :roll:


Can she code?  Does she have a Mac?  Maybe we've found a full time OS X port developer!
ife sucks, kill yourself.