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Started by Obsyd, June 29, 2016, 09:55:57

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See issue #100. Note that we're currently working on:

a) Maven artifacts.
b) A tool on the website that generates Maven/Gradle scripts and IDE projects.
c) A tool on the website that lets you customize the downloaded .zip.


Quote from: spasi on July 24, 2016, 11:44:34
I just tried the latest nightly build (3.0.1 #10) without any issues. What kind of problems are you having?

The way you add LWJGL to Eclipse (for example) has changed with what appears to be your modular approach in the nightly builds.  Previously I only had to add lwjgl.jar as an external JAR and point the IDE to the /natives/ folder and to for everything to work smoothly.  With your newer approach I am unsure how to add what I need to Eclipse and how to point the options to the correct locations and/or files in order for everything to work as it did before.


The new structure is similar:

- Each module has at least 3 JARs: the classes (no suffix), the sources (-sources) and the javadoc (-javadoc).
- Some modules also include native library JARs (with a -natives-<arch> suffix).
- You only need the class and native library JARs in your classpath. The others may be "attached" to your IDE project for quick source/javadoc lookups.

LWJGL automatically extracts native libraries from the classpath, so you normally don't need to set -Djava.library.path. If you prefer the old way, you may extract the native library JARs to a folder and use that instead.

You always need the "core" module (i.e. lwjgl.jar and lwjgl-natives-<arch>.jar) in your project. Then you add any bindings that you want to use and ignore the rest. All binding modules depend on the core module, but there are no other dependencies.


This new modular system is really great. Makes things cleaner and smaller. Thanks Spasi!