LWJGL3 runs "wrong" OpenGL version [newbe][SOLVED]

Started by string111, June 21, 2016, 11:03:13

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I'm pretty new to programing with LWJGL. To begin working, I wanted to check which version of OpenGL LWJGL3 is running.
I used
and found out that I was running
2.1 INTEL-10.14.58

My MacBook Pro however is supporting OpenGL version 4.1 according to Apple's Website.
I recognized the issue when trying to specify a
#version 410
in the fragment shader which gave me an error, that the version was not supported.

Now my question is: Is it possible to manually define version that LWJGL is using?
(I tried the way it was described on the wiki http://wiki.lwjgl.org/wiki/Version_selection, but it did not work for me)

Thanks already in advance!

String ;)



Worked fine for me. Thanks!

For any reader who has the same problem, you have to insert the glfw context lines before you ceate the window via glfwCreateWindow();!!!