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Impossible to hide the 3D window since LWJGL 2.9.2 (Windows)

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Hi All,

Since the commit 1703b62 (Dec. 13, 2013, "Removed fullscreen CDS_TEST. It's very slow and unnecessary.") on LWJGL 2.9.2 I can observe a new bug in my software : the 3D window don't want to diseappear even if I press ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DEL . All the other windows or system UI stay in background. Even on the Windows login screen I continue to see the 3D view !

My 3D view is rendered on a Swing canvas embedded in an undecorated JDialog window.

I'm on a laptop : Asus G53-7 with a NVidia GTX 560M (drivers 364.72)
Windows 10 64 bits
the 3D viewport corresponds to the screen resolution : 1920x1080

If I checkout the latest Git revision (2.9.4) and if I remove the patch made in commit 1703b62 , everything works perfectly.

Could you consider to remove this patch if it's only here to improve the performances of getAvailableDisplayModes() ?

The corresponding pull request is here : https://github.com/LWJGL/lwjgl/pulls

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