lwjPNG - Lightweight Java PNG loading library

Started by Mike-C, August 15, 2017, 00:42:15

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For anyone interested, I have just released a very simple PNG loading library, you can use for LWJGL textures.


It currently supports only 24&32 bit PNG, interlaced or not, and also scale, if you need texture sizes to be power of two.

Actually there is some extra overhead for scaling, which also uses more memory, but I wonted to keep the release simple, interlace mode compatible.
And whole image file is read during initialization, not only the image info chunk, that possibly will be fixed later.

Hope that you can find it useful!

Best regards,


why not? for those that dont want jni bindings or want to integrate with GWT forinstance java is the way to go. I have my own png decoder too. I'm pro pure java but everyone is different, i have code shared with android so the more portability the better for me.