Orthogonal Problem

Started by Hydroque, February 13, 2016, 00:22:15

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Why are you posting to another one of your posts? is there a purpose for starting a new thread??


We really need a "Just in Case You did not Notice" subforum, where people can post redirects to their other posts... you know, just in case someone did not notice... :)


True. I assume that not 100% of the traffic is going to my post and the traffic is very slow. Spamming is pointless, but wide audience is what I need because it's been a week and no answer.


there are a couple of things here

Firstly this forum is specifically for the LWJGL api, so people generally post questions and expect answers around this topic. This is the main reason why people would frequent here and because of the narrowness its the reason why the volume of posts is quite low. For java gaming related questions people generally post on http://www.java-gaming.org/ and for opengl specific questions they post on https://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/. So try and understand the audience of where you are posting.

Like with all forums there are lots of helpful people around who can help out for questions wider than the remit of what those forums are really for and are always happy to help out, this forum is no different to them. But to get the maximum out of the people who do read these forums, you need to avoid the "here is my entire code, go figure out problem please" type questions. People don't have the time or motivation to do your work for you! As Kai has already said on the other thread, a small repeatable example is always the best way to demonstrate a problem and is likely to get more of a response.

And finally, don't take it for granted you will always get an answer!